Radical results require a radical approach.

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Our Approach
Our process enables a highly-customized solution, developed in partnership with clients
1. Engage
Consult with clients to uncover pain points and align on objectives (incl. cost of capital considerations)
2. Structure
Leverage internal expertise and capabilities to develop conceptual structure options based on client’s goals
3. Underwrite
Review corporate solution with broker and develop corporate solution framework
4. Execute
Discuss solution(s) (incl. risk/reward) and execute deal
Understand ongoing needs and incorporate refinements as needed for long-term support
Case Studies

Sample Deal Structure: Multi-line Solution

• Aligns retention strategy

• Targets most volatile/inefficient layer

• Reduces overall cost of risk

Sample Deal Structure: Property Solution

• More efficient use of capital

• Avoids potential over-purchase

• Multi-year concept

Capital Solutions 

Challenge | An organization looking to access debt facing cost inefficiency challenges.
Solution: By carving-off discrete and meaningful asset-secured risk using collateral protection insurance, USQ can help a borrower access debt at a lower interest rate or by reducing the equity held against the debt.

Applying a double-trigger insurance product, an insurer can protect against an insured borrower against isolated risk to the asset securing the loan, paying out a full or partial limit loss to satisfy an outstanding loan balance in the event of a default on the debt by the borrower. The insurance looks at the residual resale value on the asset or a highly correlated risk to the credit risk assumed by the secured-lender. Upon a default by a borrower the secured lender receives the benefit of the insurer to close the gap between the secured collateral value at default and loan amount.
Collateral insurance is particularly applicable to:

• Intellectual Property collateral finance
• Supply chain accounts receivable support
• Green energy finance
Who We Work With
1) Organizations with complex, challenging, or unique risks for which traditional solutions do not adequately address  

2) Insureds who are experiencing risk management challenges due to cost of risk financing and difficulty with placing new or unique risks.
• Real Estate
• Transportation
• Entertainment
• Manufacturing
• Construction
• Pharma
• Technology
• Hospitality
• Energy
• Automotive
• Maritime
• Power & Utilities
• Retail & Wholesale
• Agriculture
• Communications
• Financial Institutions
• Mining
• Food & Beverage
• Maritime
• Pharmaceutical
• Public Entity
• Semiconductor